Foundations, and corporations—that's who! Education Funding is like corporate gifts to students. Funding (monetary gifts with no required pay-back) and loans are offered every year to students seeking higher education.

These (and other) organizations have made billions of dollars available to average American students, in the form of education scholarships and student funding. These funding gifts allow students to pay for school without getting a student loan. Funders span a large range: from large, national organizations to very small, local ones; from public organizations to private. They donate to keep their non-profit status, or for tax benefits, or simply to promote education. Some education funding is funded with tax dollars, and the money has been allocated for only this purpose.


Funding allows people, such as yourself, to earn a higher education—whether it be licensing/certification from a technical or vocational school, an undergraduate or graduate degree, or a degree from a private school. Funding helps students pay for school expenses like tuition, books, fees, housing, food, etc. Such funding is offered to students who wish to pursue an education in any field: the arts, music, literature, education, environmental conservation, nutrition, health, human services, law, science, technology, athletics, social services, and dozens more.

Funding comes in all shapes and sizes—you just have to pick the one that's right for you:

  • Scholarships
  • Federal Pell
  • Training Funding
  • Research Funding
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Student Financial Aid
  • Stafford Loans
  • University Funding

Whatever your educational goals may be, funding is available to help you reach them.

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Funding and scholarships from public and private foundations are available to finance college, trade school, or graduate school. Unlike scholarships that are given for academics, performing arts, or sports, these scholarships and funding programs are not academic or athletic—they are available to nearly every student.

At the least, hundreds of millions of dollars of scholarships are given out every year. And every year, numerous scholarships go unclaimed because no one applied for them! Most are of small- to medium-sized dollar amounts from community organizations. This funding is free, and they do not have to be repaid.

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Pell Funding is the most available (yet often overlooked) funding resource for students. Pell Funding is given to undergraduate (and certain post-graduate) students, based on financial need: the amount awarded depends on how much the student/family can pay, the cost of attendance, and the student's enrollment. This funding is distinct from all other college funding in that it is applicable to any of the participating 5,500+ national post-secondary institutions.


Sometimes, the college scholarship that you are offered covers only part of your tuition and expenses. This is why Stafford Loans are made available. These are loans with a low interest rate (currently 6% and decreasing). Like other student loans, Stafford Loans require no payment until schooling is complete.

There are two kinds of Stafford Loans: subsidized (no interest is accrued while you are attending school) and unsubsidized (you are responsible for paying all the interest). Eligibility for Subsidized Stafford Loans is based on financial need.

Other types of educational loans are available, from many sources. Like Stafford Loans, these University loans are recommended when funding or scholarships don't cover all your educational expenses.


Anyone who wants a higher education should consider applying for funding and scholarships—you can apply for as many as you like, and receive multiple! Corporations have cash to give you, through education funding set aside for students.

To be fair, not everyone receives funding. But what does it matter if you receive multiple no's, when all you need are a few yes's? You should focus on quickly finding and applying for all the funding sources for which you are eligible. That's why it's so essential to have a mentor, with all the resource information, to guide you through this process.


Education funding and financial assistance programs are plentiful, but acquiring them can feel like running a marathon: first, you research funding resources, then send applications and (sometimes) essays to those for which you are eligible—it can get overwhelming, especially without a mentor. Many people get discouraged and quit before they reach the finish line and acquire funding. We can help you reach that finish line. America's Got Funding guides you through the process, eliminating wasted time and effort searching for funding, buying how-to guides, and trying to understand the application procedure. With the right people supporting you, the entire process will become easier: organized, manageable, and realistic. You won't believe what you can accomplish for yourself!

America's Got Funding provides you with a comprehensive listing of funding, scholarships, and loans. The resources are even listed by category and school, so you can easily narrow your focus to the funding opportunities that are the best fit for you. Our research team is constantly updating our resource site, so you are always sure of finding the most comprehensive funding listings. When you choose to apply to our service, you gain access to all these resources, with a simple click of your mouse. This is your one-stop, self-help center for all of your educational funding applications needs.


Today, the entire funding-seeking process can be completed from your home, through the Internet. Working on your own, you'll likely spend a lot of time and only find some of the funding resources. It's up to you to speed up your progress and decrease your frustration by taking advantage of our thorough and extensive research.

America's Got Funding is a members-only website with all the information you need to successfully launch your quest for funding. We assist you with the entire process: finding the funds you qualify for, applying, and following up. We charge a small fee of $29.95 for you to have unlimited access to this reference-tool website. This fee comes with a GUARANTEE: If you don't qualify for funding for which you are eligible, your entire payment will be refunded to you immediately. All you have to do is provide our support staff with the funding agency you applied to and the response you received and your fee will be refunded immediately.So there's nothing to lose. The members-only site offers unbelievable resources—much of it you'd only find through extensive research and reading dozens of funding books. And our team keeps researching and updating the website all the time. Simply complete the quick, one-page membership registration form and processing fee of $29.95, and start your search for education funding through our secure, members-only site.


Maybe the application deadline for your perfect funding opportunity or scholarship is fast-approaching. Billions of dollars in funding for education is waiting for you. The longer you wait to sign up, the longer you wait for your funding. Decide today to pursue your educational goals.